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Characterized by its “Morandi color system”, our best-selling floor model features a low color saturation and harmonious hues that blend in effortlessly with a wide range of interior colors and styles. Eye-catching and expansive, it presents a striking contrast against other colors and curates a peaceful and quiet space. Neither ostentatious nor overpowering, it is not gaudily exaggerated with bright colors and does not exude an aloof or unapproachable vibe. Instead, our Freya floors achieve the perfect visual balance, embodying a soft, soothing, elegant aesthetic with a cozy, comfortable, and healing ambience. 



1 Square foot
  • Specifications

    Name         Freya 
    Species  European Oak 
    Grade Prime/Natural 
    Finish UV Lacquer 
    Treatment  Traditional Stain 
    Texture  Wire Brushed 
    Edges  Micro-beveled 
    Thickness  18mm 
    Plank Width  8-2/3" 
    Length  3/4" x 8-2/3" x R/L (up to 86-3/5") 
    Top Layer  4mm 
    Core & Ba ck  Hardwood Plywood 
    Profiling  Tongue & Groove, with four side bevel , 1.2mm bevel on long sides+0.2mm bevel on short sides 
    Adhesive  Top layer lamination: Formaldehyde -Free 
      Product contains No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) 
      CARB ATCM Phase II Compliant ( < 0.05 PPM Formaldehyde) 
    Warranties  Structure: Lifetime 
      Finish - 25-yr Residential/3-yr light commercial when properly maintained per Care & Maintenance Instructions 
      Not recommended over radiant heat system due to wide width 
    Installation Method  Glue down, Nail + glue, Floating 
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