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Bentham Plank Grading System 


What is Bentham Plank Grading System?


Bentham Plank has four wood flooring grades.  Prime/Clear (AB), Select/Natural (ABC), Character (ABCD) and Rustic (ABCD).  Each has primary characteristics that distinguish them from one another. These characteristics can include features in the wood such as the number and size of the knots, the amount or level of sap present, and color variation.

To simplify the distinguishing factors in the different wood flooring grades, the higher wood grades are "cleaner" in appearance (which then fetches a higher price tag), which means that the wood offers smaller and lesser knots, lower sap content, and less color variation. 


Here are the four wood flooring grades that we provide to our customers:


Prime/Clear (AB)

The Prime grade is the highest grade of all Bentham Plank's products.  The wood in this grade has been carefully selected, and it features a minimal amount of natural defects like knots, sapwood, and grain irregularities.  The color is also very consistent from plank to plank, making the Prime/Clear grade a popular choice for those who want a "clean" look for their flooring because it fits perfectly with the minimalist interior style. However, to meet the Prime/Clear Grade criteria, planks need to be mostly clear of natural defects, which means the manufacturers need to be more careful and selective about their wood selections, and that’s why Prime grade hardwood is often more expensive than other grades.


Select/Natural (ABC)

The Natural grade flooring is the most common type of wood flooring that you can find in the market. It introduces more natural defects, like knots, sapwood, nature cracks with wood fillers and grain irregularities than the Prime grade.  And also the color is more varied than in Prime grade, it’s a popular choice for those who want the “Natural” look of wood for their flooring.

Note: Bentham Plank Natural Grade flooring usually comes in with higher standards than other Natural Grade flooring in the market, certain planks can meet the Select Grade standards of the market.


Character (ABCD)

The Character grade wood flooring has similar criteria for material selection as Rustic grade.  The materials used for both grades are almost identical.  However, unlike Rustic grade flooring, which emphasizes concealing the natural characteristics of the wood through post-processing techniques to achieve a “cleaner” appearance, the Character grade flooring aims to showcase the natural beauty of the wood and highlights wood’s natural characteristics in its craftsmanship.  If you appreciate the natural attributes of wood and enjoy the beauty of returning to its original state, then this grade is an excellent choice.


Rustic (ABCD)

The Rustic grade wood flooring is the lowest grade in the Bentham Plank's product but that doesn’t mean the rustic grade wood flooring is of lower quality.  The rustic grade contains more and bolder natural defects than the Select/Natural and Prime/Clear grades. Because it has so many of wood’s natural characteristics, the color variation is even more significant.  It’s an ideal choice for those who have a specific preference of wanting to create a retro/classic/rustic style that presents the natural feeling of wood flooring.

Why is it important to know about wood floor grades?

Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their flooring after finishing the installation because they did not have any idea about wood floor grades before purchasing. It’s important and necessary for customers to do some research on the different grades so they can find a choice that best suits their home style and interior design. Currently, there is no universal standard of flooring grade systems in the world, and different suppliers and manufacturers usually have their own standards and definitions of wood grades, so we highly suggest our customers understand our unique grade system before making choices.

Generally, suppliers and dealers should provide detailed information about their wood floor grades, and also should educate customers about the pros and cons and characteristics of each grade depending on their grading system. To help our customers make a fully informed decision in a short period, at Bentham Plank, we have been doing our best to provide sufficient visual marketing materials (such as photos, videos, and large samples) and relevant professional technical analysis. And we are more than willing to welcome our customers to check out our visual and physical samples.

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