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Born in Silicon Valley, Bentham Plank is inspired by the world’s leading tech hub. Since our founding, we have embraced the innovation and talent that surround us. Like Silicon Valley, we are dedicated, rigorous, and always striving to improve. Our goal is to be a pioneer in the flooring industry with a progressive vision, practical approach, and exceptional customer care.

Professional craftsmanship

At Bentham Plank, we strictly control every step of our production process to maintain high-quality standards. We continually innovate in craftsmanship, including traditional staining, smoking, and reactive staining. From selecting raw materials to the final coating, our methods reflect a blend of exquisite craftsmanship and integrity. With our professionalism and cutting-edge developments, customers experience the pure beauty and color of our wooden floors, ensuring utmost satisfaction.


innovation & progress

Inspired by Silicon Valley's visionary spirit, we constantly integrate customer needs into our production and design. With relentless passion, we gather new information, improve process technology, and create novel experiences. Our ability to offer different grades of the same color showcases our focus on technology and our blend of traditional and contemporary design.

Service-oriented, starting from the needs of customers

At Bentham Plank, we align our flooring production with customer needs and have extensive experience solving installation issues. Our deep knowledge from working with installers helps us address various obstacles. We understand both installers' perspectives and customer needs.

We meticulously examine every step of the flooring process to reduce installation problems, ease installation, and minimize maintenance. Our comprehensive approach ensures we create customized floors that fully satisfy our customers.

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A stable and efficient supply chain

As An expanding wholesaler, we prioritize a stable and efficient supply chain. We integrate e-commerce warehousing with traditional retail management, optimizing every step from raw materials to final production. This ensures swift and accurate delivery of orders.

Our customer-focused approach also includes an efficient after-sales system for easy returns and exchanges.

We take great pride in our advanced production technologies, exceptional customer care, and stable supply chain. Committed and rooted in our mission to provide every family with its perfect floor and dream living space

that is the Bentham Plank promise.
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