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Bentham Plank was born out of Silicon Valley, the world’s technology center that is home to the most innovative and talented digital leaders, company entrepreneurs, and operational philosophies. Since the establishment of our brand, we have been deeply inspired by our environment and its people. Like the citizens of Silicon Valley, we are serious and rigorous in our work and driven to continuously advance and improve with the times, all while staying in tune with the feelings and experiences of our clients. With a progressive vision, an innovative and practical ideology, and high-quality customer care, we are unwaveringly committed to becoming a pioneer in the flooring industry.

Professional craftsmanship

At Bentham Plank, every step of the production process is strictly controlled and monitored. While maintaining high-quality standards, we are continually making state-of-the-art breakthroughs in craftsmanship, whether it be in traditional staining, smoking, or reactive staining. From the initial selection of raw materials to the final coating, we have tirelessly cultivated, reformed, and refined our methods so that every small link reflects the unique integration of exquisite craftsmanship and integrity. As a result of our classic Bentham Plank professionalism, cutting-edge developments, and ingenuity, customers can truly feel the utmost connection and satisfaction with the pure beauty and color of our wooden floors. 


innovation & progress

Energized by the visionary spirit of Silicon Valley citizens, we continually integrate the needs of customers into our production and design. With a relentless passion, we are constantly gathering new information, improving process technology, and shaping novel experiences. In particular, that we have successfully established different grades of the same color reflects our honed focus on technology and our original and contemporary design essence. 

Service-oriented, starting from the needs of customers

As a flooring company committed to exceptional customer service, we know how to closely tie together the production of flooring with customer needs. We have extensive experience in helping customers solve unexpected installation problems and other issues that may arise during construction. Because we have spent many years working closely with floor installation and construction companies, we have sweeping knowledge about a wide variety of realistic obstacles and solutions. Not only do we possess deep insight when it comes to taking the perspective of installers, but also we are skilled in discerning the needs of our customers. Throughout the entire flooring process, the design and production of the floor are strictly examined from every angle. Due to our meticulous attention to all the different steps and parts of the flooring process, we are able to reduce potential problems that commonly occur during installation, diminish the difficulty of installation, and lessen post-installation maintenance–all while collaborating closely with our customers and catering to their preferences and needs. We are confident that our service-oriented, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive approach will allow us to efficiently and smoothly create a customized floor that fully satisfies our customers.

Warehouse Shelves from Above_edited.jpg

A stable and efficient supply chain

As an expanding wholesaler, we know that a stable and efficient supply chain system is the key to maintaining trust between dealers and customers. For many years, we have been building a highly technological and productive supply chain system. We integrate concepts drawn from large-scale e-commerce warehousing management with the supply chain management system of the traditional retail industry. The stability and efficiency of our supply chain starts from sourcing raw materials and extends through the final production, including every step in between: quality inspection, product transportation chain, warehouse storage, in-bound and out-bound management. Each phase of the flooring process is optimized down to the smallest detail to ensure that every customer who places an order will swiftly and accurately receive their desired product with complete satisfaction. True to our customer-focused values, we also deliver an enhanced after-sales system that makes procedures such as returns and exchanges more convenient and efficient.

We take great pride in our advanced production technologies, exceptional customer care, and stable supply chain. Committed and rooted in our mission to provide every family with its perfect floor and dream living space

that is the Bentham Plank promise.
Committed to Environmental Stewardship 
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