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Cascade Stair

The difference between a great product and a good one is passion. We enjoy every minute in the shop to design and shape our product, and the attention to detail comes from that insatiable passion. It’s not only looks good from the front, but from any angle, even the ones you can’t see.

Craftsmanship should be celebrated, not hidden. Rarely seen these days, the traditional wedge joinery not only provides the structural strength, it marries modern style with hundred-year-old woodworking.

Over 150 years old, nothing is better than an old growth tight grain Douglas fir when it comes to structural timber. Solid, beautiful, warm and everlasting, it’s the perfect match for any wood floor.

Tread is made from the same plank of your flooring, it blend in, yet make a statement of itself.

It’s easy to add light, but hard to hide them. It lit up your mood, but never in your eye.

Tech spec:

  • Structural: 85/15 old growth vertical grain Douglas fir

  • Light: LED with aluminum track to dissipate heat, all light serviceable

  • Tread: flooring plank of customer’s choice.

  • Technique: traditional joinery, no glue, no nail

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