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FREYA | Natural

Characterized by its “Morandi color system”, our best-selling floor model features a low color saturation and harmonious hues that blend in effortlessly with a wide range of interior colors and styles. Eye-catching and expansive, it presents a striking contrast against other colors and curates a peaceful and quiet space. Neither ostentatious nor overpowering, it is not gaudily exaggerated with bright colors and does not exude an aloof or unapproachable vibe. Instead, our Freya floors achieve the perfect visual balance, embodying a soft, soothing, elegant aesthetic with a cozy, comfortable, and healing ambience. 

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FREYA | Prime
FREYA | Rustic

Available Grades

Bentham Plank Freya AB
Bentham Plank Freya ABC
Bentham Plank Freya ABCD


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