With our expert focus on crafting sophisticated Engineered Hardwood Floors, we are committed to creating elegant European Oak Wide Planks using high-quality wood and cutting-edge craftsmanship.


Multilayered Stability and Durability


Unique Texture and Prints


Alluring Colors for All Styles


Sustainably Harvested for Your Home


A delicate and luxurious sensory experience

Retaining both the multidimensional elegance of natural wood and maintaining the linear smoothness of its surface seems to be an impossible task. However, with the heavy wire brush treatment that we scrupulously implement, our expertly crafted products are masterfully produced so that both the natural texture and lustrous silkiness of the wood are prominently enhanced and exist in perfect harmony.

beautifully subtle and translucent colors

From plank to plank, the distinct texture of our wood highlights a fluid gradient of stunning colors that subtly shows off its organic character while accentuating its vibrant blend of natural complexions. Our sophisticated coloring process forges a bright and clear color that enhances the natural allure of the wood by tracing its original texture and accenting its natural variations without smothering it. We celebrate the wood’s pure beauty by drawing out hues from within the wood itself, never allowing artificial methods to conceal it. With our coloring process, the colors of our wood are nothing but spectacular: raw yet refined, never stagnant but rather vividly alive. 

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ideally paired floor accessories

Our floors and their corresponding accessories are impeccably integrated and matching. Using the same material as our floors, all of our accessories are customized at a local factory based on your personal needs, item shape, and dimensions so that they seamlessly align with each individual choice of floor material and style. This streamlining of production will bring an elevated level of unification and perfection to your home!



Our mission is to create, rather than cover, the natural beauty of the engineered flooring with the most advanced modern finishing techniques, thus creating a high quality wide plank hardwood floor.


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unparalleled chamfer design

Originating from our passion for today’s modern design aesthetic, along with our deep understanding of the construction process, our extraordinarily designed Micro-Edge Bevel chamfer creates a floor that flows seamlessly through the room and highlights its spacious and luxurious qualities. Additionally, our attractive chamfer design allows for efficiency of installation and a lifetime of easy upkeep.

Extraordinarily designed Micro-Edge Bevel chamfer

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