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Buonarroti | Rustic

It is known that dark colors provide a desirable texture but can be cold and austere. At Bentham, we craft high-end dark floors that exhibit regality and elegance without the somber heaviness of ordinary dark floors.


To accomplish this, we set a color depth of 7.5/10, which exudes a warm deepness under natural light during the day while revealing a subtle radiance under nighttime lighting. In the selection of raw materials, we utilize a small proportion of relatively light-colored boards, which enriches the range of colors in the entire floor and creates a vivid and striking space.


Most importantly, we use a light-color texture processing technology that juxtaposes the light-colored texture with the darkness of the background. The unparalleled result is a stunning fusion of nature and ingenuity; a richly colorful display of magnificent allure.


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